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Paladi, Nicolae (2017) Trust but Verify - Trust Establishment Mechanisms in Infrastructure Clouds. Doctoral thesis, Lund University.

Tsiftes, Nicolas (2015) Storage-Centric System Architectures for Networked, Resource-Constrained Devices. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Olsson, Tomas (2015) A Data-Driven Approach to Remote Fault Diagnosis of Heavy-duty Machines. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Sanches, Pedro (2015) Health Data: Representation and (In)visibility. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Ståhl, Anna (2015) Designing for Interactional Empowerment. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Aslam, Mudassar (2014) Bringing Visibility in the Clouds : using Security, Transparency and Assurance Services. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Rahimian, Fatemeh (2014) Gossip-based Algorithms for Information Dissemination and Graph Clustering. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Steinert, Rebecca (2014) Probabilistic Fault Management in Networked Systems. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Jacobsson, Mattias (2013) Tinkering With Interactive Materials - Studies, Concepts and Prototypes. Doctoral thesis, KTH School of Computer Science and Communication (CSC).

Ardelius, John (2013) On the Performance Analysis of Large Scale, Dynamic, Distributed and Parallel Systems. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Cakici, Baki (2013) The Informed Gaze : On the Implications of ICT-Based Surveillance. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Payberah, Amir H. (2013) Live Streaming in P2P and Hybrid P2P-Cloud Environments for the Open Internet. Doctoral thesis, KTH.

Raza, Shahid (2013) Lightweight Security Solutions for the Internet of Things. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Shafaat, Tallat M. (2013) Partition Tolerance and Data Consistency in Structured Overlay Networks. Doctoral thesis, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology.

Täckström, Oscar (2013) Predicting Linguistic Structure with Incomplete and Cross-Lingual Supervision. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Arad, Cosmin (2013) Programming Model and Protocols for Reconfigurable Distributed Systems. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Rost, Mattias (2013) Mobility is the Message: Experiments with Mobile Media Sharing. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Abrahamsson, Henrik (2012) Network overload avoidance by traffic engineering and content caching. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Al-Shishtawy, Ahmad (2012) Self-management for large-scale distributed systems. Doctoral thesis, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan.

Österlind, Fredrik (2011) Improving Low-Power Wireless Protocols with Timing-Accurate Simulation. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Hansen, Preben (2011) Task-based Information Seeking and Retrieval in the Patent Domain: Processes and Relationships. Doctoral thesis, University of Tampere.

Gunnar, Anders (2011) Aspects of proactive traffic engineering in IP networks. Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Sundström, Petra (2010) Designing Affective Loop Experiences. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Bohlin, Markus (2009) A Study of Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Industrial Computer Systems. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Marsh, Ian R. (2009) Quality aspects of Internet telephony. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology.

Olsson, Fredrik (2008) Bootstrapping Named Entity Annotation by Means of Active Machine Learning: A Method for Creating Corpora. Doctoral thesis, University of Gothenburg.

Gillblad, Daniel (2008) On Practical machine Learning and Data Analysis. Doctoral thesis, KTH.

Laaksolahti, Jarmo (2008) Plot, Spectacle, and Experience: Contributions to the Design and Evaluation of Interactive Storytelling. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology.

Nylander, Stina (2007) Design and Implementation of Multi-Device Services. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala university.

Dunkels, Adam (2007) Programming Memory-Constrained Networked Embedded Systems. PhD thesis. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Ågren, Magnus (2007) Set Constraints for Local Search. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Ghodsi, Ali (2006) Distributed k-ary System: Algorithms for Distributed Hash Tables. Doctoral thesis, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology.

Martinelli, Andres (2006) Advances in Functional Decomposition: Theory and Applications. Doctoral thesis, KTH.

Bjurling, Björn (2006) A Labelled Deductive System for Reasoning about Random Experiments. Doctoral thesis, Imperial College London.

Sahlgren, Magnus (2006) The Word-Space Model: using distributional analysis to represent syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations between words in high-dimensional vector spaces. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Sjölinder, Marie (2006) Age-related cognitive decline and navigation in electronic environments. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Rudström, Åsa (2005) Co-Construction of Hybrid Spaces. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University and SICS.

Brand, Per (2005) The design philosophy of distributed programming systems: the Mozart experience. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

El-Ansary, Sameh (2005) Designs and Analyses in Structured Peer-To-Peer Systems. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Klintskog, Erik (2005) Generic Distribution Support for Programming Systems. Doctoral thesis, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockhom.

Bylund, Markus (2005) A Design Rationale for Pervasive Computing - User Experience, Contextual Change, and Technical Requirements. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Cöster, Rickard (2005) Algorithms and Representations for Personalised Information Access. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Sadighi, Babak (2005) Decentralised Privilege Management for Access Control. Doctoral thesis, Imperial College, London.

Frécon, Emmanuel (2004) DIVE on the internet. Doctoral thesis, IT University of Göteborg.

Armstrong, Joe (2003) Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors. Doctoral thesis, The Royal Institute of Technology.

Beldiceanu, Nicolas (2003) Contraintes globales: aspects algorithmiques et déclaratifs. Doctoral thesis, Université de Paris VI.

Espinoza, Fredrik (2003) Individual service provisioning. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology.

Svensson, Martin (2003) Defining, Designing and Evaluating Social Navigation. Doctoral thesis, University of Stockholm.

Rasmusson, Lars (2002) Network capacity sharing with QoS as a financial derivative pricing problem: algorithms and network. Doctoral thesis, NADA/KTH.

Voigt, Thiemo (2002) Architectures for service differentiation in overloaded Internet servers. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Fredlund, Lars-Åke (2001) A framework for reasoning about Erlang code. Doctoral thesis, KTH.

Karlgren, Jussi (2000) Stylistic Experiments for Information Retrieval. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Persson, Per (2000) Understanding cinema: constructivism and spectator psychology. Doctoral thesis, Stockholm University.

Simsarian, Kristian (2000) Toward human-robot collaboration. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm ; SICS AB.

Saulsbury, Ashley (1999) Attacking latency bottlenecks in distributed shared memory systems. Doctoral thesis, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm / SICS AB.

Gurov, Dilian (1998) Specification and verification of communicating systems with value passing. Doctoral thesis, University of Victoria.

Ahlgren, Bengt (1997) Improving computer communication performance by reducing memory bandwidth consumption. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Montelius, Johan (1997) Exploiting Fine-grain Parallelism in Concurrent Constraint Languages. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Sjödin, Peter (1992) From LOTOS specifications to distributed implementations. Doctoral thesis, Uppsala University.

Carlsson, Mats (1990) Design and Implementation of an OR-Parallel Prolog Engine. Doctoral thesis, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm / SICS, Kista.

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