MocNet Simulation Specification

Gestrelius, Sara (2011) MocNet Simulation Specification. [SICS Report]



This document outlines the simulation to be developed in the MocNet project. It will be a discrete event simulation using next-event incrementing to advance time. As we're interested in cell-level data, we will simulate the movement between cells according to a probabilistic random walk. Despite this coarse discretisation of space, some underlying geographical features will be captured by the probability matrices. We note that even simulations that capture the geography more precisely will merge into our simulation when only returning cell-level data. The MocNet Simulation will also include some temporal dependencies caused by e.g. commuting. The simulation consists of two different parts: the mobility simulation and a call arrival simulation. Each part will be presented below. Also, two different geographical environments and three anomaly situations will be simulated: a road with an accident and a town centre with a flash mob and a flee situation.

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