DOH: A Content Delivery Peer-to-Peer Network

Jernberg, Jimmy and Vlassov, Vladimir and Ghodsi, Ali and Haridi, Seif (2006) DOH: A Content Delivery Peer-to-Peer Network. In: European Conference on Parallel Computing, (EUROPAR 2006), Aug-Sep 2006, Dresden, Germany.



Many SMEs and non-pro¯t organizations su®er when their Web servers become unavailable due to °ash crowd e®ects when their web site becomes popular. One of the solutions to the °ash-crowd problem is to place the web site on a scalable CDN (Content Delivery Network) that replicates the content and distributes the load in order to improve its response time. In this paper, we present our approach to building a scalable Web Hosting environment as a CDN on top of a structured peer-to-peer system of collaborative web-servers integrated to share the load and to improve the overall system performance, scalability, availability and robustness. Unlike clusterbased solutions, it can run on heterogeneous hardware, over geographically dispersed areas. To validate and evaluate our approach, we have developed a system prototype called DOH (DKS Organized Hosting) that is a CDN implemented on top of the DKS (Distributed K-nary Search) structured P2P system with DHT (Distributed Hash table) functionality [9]. The prototype is implemented in Java, using the DKS middleware, the Jetty web-server, and a modi¯ed JavaFTP server. The proposed design of CDN has been evaluated by simulation and by evaluation experiments on the prototype.

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