Low-Bandwidth Topology Maintenance for Robustness in Structured Overlay Networks

Ghodsi, Ali and Onana Alima, Luc and Haridi, Seif (2005) Low-Bandwidth Topology Maintenance for Robustness in Structured Overlay Networks. In: 38th International HICSS Conference, 2005 January, Hawaii.


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Structured peer-to-peer systems have emerged as infrastructures for resource sharing in large-scale, distributed, and dynamic environments. One challenge in these systems is to efficiently maintain routing information in the presence of nodes joining, leaving, and failing. Many systems use costly periodic stabilization protocols to ensure that the routing information is up-to-date. In this paper, we present a novel technique called correction-on-change, which identifies and notifies all nodes that have outdated routing information as a result of a node joining, leaving, or failing. Effective failure handling is simplified as the detection of a failure triggers a correction-on-change which updates all the nodes that have a pointer to the failed node. The resulting system has increased robustness as nodes with stale routing information are immediately updated. We proof the correctness of the algorithms and evaluate its performance by means of simulation. Experimental results show that for the same amount of maintenance bandwidth correction-on-change makes the system by far more robust when compared to periodic stabilization. Moreover, compared to adaptive stabilization which adjusts its frequency to the dynamism in the system, correction-on-change gives the same performance but with considerably less maintenance bandwidth. As correction-on-change immediately updates incorrect routing entries the average lookup length is maintained close to the theoretical average in the presence of high dynamism. We show how the technique can be applied to our DKS system as well as the Chord system.

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