Programming paradigms of the Andorra Kernel Language

Janson, Sverker and Haridi, Seif (1991) Programming paradigms of the Andorra Kernel Language. [SICS Report]



The Andorra Kernel Language (AKL) is introduced. It is shown how AKL provides the programming paradigms of both Prolog and GHC. This is the original goal of the design. However, it has also been possible to provide capabilities beyond that of Prolog and GHC. There are means to structure search, more powerful than plain backtracking. It is possible to encapsulate search in concurrent reactiveprocesses. It is also possible to write a multi-way merger with constant delay.In these respects AKL is quite original. Although AKL is an instance of our previously introduced Kernel Andorra Prolog framework, this exposition contains important extensions, and a considerable amount of unnecessary formal overhead has been stripped away.

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